MAMKA Summer 2013-2014 update

20130805 MAMKA SUMMER 2013-2014 UPDATE

MAMKA Summer 2013-2014 Update

For the summer field season MAMKA focused its projects in four key areas (Marine/Aquatic Resource Inventory, Species at Risk Stewardship, Alien and Invasive Species, and Community & Youth Engagement).  Each of the project areas are composed of several activities (see below).

Marine/Aquatic Resource Inventory

  • Aquatic Habitat Surveys
  • Atlantic Salmon Redd Surveys
  • Eel Grass Surveys

Species at Risk Stewardship

  • American Eel Elver Monitoring
  • Banded Killifish/Mummichog Surveys
  • Piping Plover Monitoring

Alien and Invasive Species

  • Green Crab Surveys
  • Bryozoan Surveys

Community & Youth Engagement

  • Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge Collection
  • Underwater Video Projects